Which Kit Would You Recommend?

  1. Which Kit Would You Recommend?

    I have been working out for a couple years now. I was at 172lbs I am now around the mid to low 180's now and my body looks completely different. I have been looking into the realm of PH's as a workout partner of mine took a cycle and blew up. He didn't use proper PCT though and took a very strong triple compound. Thankfully it all worked out for him, but I would like to be safer and do not want something as strong. I have done all the research he never did.

    I have ben looking into the different kits and Mass drops.

    I am just having a hard time deciding between the Hormone Regulation Kit and the Growth Kit or the Mass Drops.

    I want more mass, however I would like to shed some body fat too ( which I know will be dictated by diet) Any recommendations as to which kit would be better for a 4 week cycle 1st timer. And anything else I should run with the kit like test or some kind of on cycle cycle support...

    Also what is needed for PCT for the Mass Drops? Or should anything be run along side them? I Think this might be the way I go as long as side effect wise it is as safe as the others...Do the mass drops aromatise?
    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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  2. your answer depends on how long you intend to run the cycle. the difference between the two stacks is the hormone regulation kit coems with arom-x for pct. the growth kit (better imo) comes with decavol for more on ccle fun. if you plan on doing just one kit length, the hormone regulation kit would probly be better because it helps cover most of your pct

    but if you intend to grab a serm for pct, defiantely go with growth kit. you can look into exotic ways of staggering the compounds for a 6 week cycle, or you can get 2 kits and go 8-10 weeks.

    yes one of the compounds in mass drops (nor androsterone) does aromatise, but its very low. you wont get gyno from it if thats what youre worried about. if you wanna run mass drops, do it either alone or with 4-ad. you should always opt for a serm for any pct, but an otc pct product will suffice for shorter cycles of dhea metabolites

  3. I was thinking about just running he mass drops and possible stacking the 4-ad just gotta get my hands on the serm just in case. That's been something I've been looking into. I feel like that would give me the results I want but I want to be as safe as possible too. And yes the gyno was my issue

  4. Onion Knight there pretty much summed it there.
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