What AMS ph to add with Dermacrine

  1. What AMS ph to add with Dermacrine

    Hey guys, I'm very interested in trying out AMS's products. Like most others during spring/summer time, I'm trying to lean out. I have my diet dialed in (carb cycling) but want to add something to retain as much muscle as possible. I have some transdermal dermacrine sitting at the house now. I was wondering what AMS product would stack nice with it. I was leaning towards Decavol but wanted to get your opinion before purchasing. Any advice is appreciated.

  2. 1-Andro is the best muscle builder in the line. You cannot go wrong with either though (decavol or 1-Andro).
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  3. I agree with Noyd I would go with 1-Andro as well, but if you like the idea of Decavol it'll do you just fine as well. Or you could stack the 3.
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  4. cool, thanks guys. 1-Andro it is

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