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  1. Im using tons of protein, and also Kre Alkylyn creatine, and i got a free container of Jack3ed from a friend so Im gonna throw that in for my pre workout, never used it before. Protein is a must though

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Let them dissolve all the way. I posted this in another thread but here is the best way to use them:

    Ideally do the following:

    1. Score the tab, or bite it in half.
    2. Get it all under your tongue
    3. Leave it there for as long as it dissolves
    4. Swallow when necessary (saliva build up)

    If you are using more then one of these ph's try to separate them.
    Excellent advice. Your best bet is to keep the stuff under your tongue as long as possible. This will allow for the most optimal absorption of the compounds.

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    First week conclusion

    Sorry for the lack of reveiws, but there was not much to record.

    I have not been feeling as tired lately, lathargy is not bad, but I have still decided to start 4-ad tommorow (week 2). This is because I ant to leave as much time as posible to diet properly prior to summer.

    Strength and pumps at the gym are still awsome, yesterday I completed 3x5 with 75lb dbs on shoulder press, and as you can see above my previous 1rm was 80's!!

    The real thing to make note of today is that I weighed myself for the first time since the start of the cycle......... 170.2lbs! ((( UP 7.5lbs IN 7 DAYS )))

    Maybe I can even hit 180, that would be amazing.
    1-testosterone can cause some serious lethargy in some users...myself included. Its a great compound, but I don't think that I could personally run it without 4-AD. Great gains, but makes me feel lousy as a solo PH.

    Quote Originally Posted by gameday View Post
    week 2 conclusion

    Today I weighed in st 172.4, so weight gains have slowed, but are still present. Strength gains just keep coming! bench press 1rm is at 185 and shoulder press at the 90 db's. Still some crazy pumps at the gym, yesterday I swear my biceps nearly popped on the preacher curl haha. The 3 pills are getting annoying to take now because it takes a couple minutes to dissolve under your tongue and so all three back to back is nearly a 10 minute exersise, and all I want to do is eat my damn breakfast already. I am still pleased with this product overall.

    Since starting the 4-ad I have not experiences bad lethargy at all, and have not felt any other side effects yet. Does anyone know if there is a possibilty of getting gyno? rebound gyno? I have no serm and that would suck.
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    that's good man, just keep your fingers cross on that one. AMS reps, has there been any reported case of gyno or any flare up from this cycle or any of your ph products? would be interested to know
    If they tabs are taking too long to dissolve, chew them up and hold under tongue/in mouth as long as possible. Try to swallow all of your spit before putting it in your mouth as they do tend to increase salivation quite a bit causing you to feel the need to swallow.

    I've not heard of any gyno, but that doesn't mean its not possible. Just be careful, and as royd stated earlier, discontinue if you suspect gyno symptoms. This goes with all androgens however, not just 4AD.

    Quote Originally Posted by r6lift View Post
    yes it is, but some start the 4ad earlier than 2weeks due to lethargy reasons. correct me if i'm wrong but that's what OP did.
    This is a good strategy, but IMO you don't need to start that much earlier. A day or two should be sufficient.

    Quote Originally Posted by lanetrav View Post
    Hey guys I am new to this and have been reading many different post about the AMS Anabolic growth kit RD. When your done with the cycle, do you loose a lot of muscle or do you pretty much keep the majority of it. Thinking about trying it.
    The gains tend to come a bit slower than some of the methylated androgens out there today, but are much safer and tend to be easier to maintain. As long as you continue to train, you may lose a bit of your gains but should easily be able to maintain the majority of the weight you put on.


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