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  1. this is not twitter. u can use all the characters you need Featured Author

  2. i think you're quite a character, Pat.

  3. Wind your in neck in dick head enough is enough jus leave it yeah! Point taken

  4. Quote Originally Posted by sporticuz View Post
    The guy is just starting out and trying to gain knowledge. Y'all should be at least glad that he is not trying to be one of those fat asses and not ask questions or read and add to the world of disgusting lazy health stricken obese people we have so much of. Ass holes.
    Truth of the matter is, this is not a forum for that type of question. All that he asked has already been asked and answered on the other forums on this site a hundred..probably a thousand times over. PA's time and energy are wasted on such questions. This forum is for discussion of advanced concepts, discussions that PA's particular skill set makes possible and productive. Its always better to search than to ask a question that has already been answered.. it keeps the board and this forum from becoming cluttered.

    And just a friendly word of warning, You should post on any forum of PA's if you can't take a little chiding. He's prone to that and if your hide is that thin best to steer wide....never mind if beejis is around
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  5. Riiiight ok. Do not clutter the forum with threads posted by people wanting to gain knowledge. Gotcha. Ill remember to not put my underwear in the sock drawer from now on.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sporticuz View Post
    Lol do whatever you want I'm just tired of seeing dick heads on here
    If you're tired of it, then leave.
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative
    WARNING: I tend to speak my mind and will verbally assault you if you are a tool. My words do not necessarily represent the official opinion of E-Pharm, but most likely, they do.

  7. i am the resident idiot in this forum, Ash123hale. run along now>>>>

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Beejis60 View Post

    If you're tired of it, then leave.
    Oh yes sir. Of course.


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