First Shredding Stack - Advice needed

  1. First Shredding Stack - Advice needed

    'Sup dudes. After installing the AM app on my phone and surfing around for about half a year i finally devided to become a part of this community by registering. First post here! Also, iam from germany do dont blame me for my bad english skills.

    as the title says, i decided to hop on some supps for the first time to shred off the remaining fat that sits on my body. Abs are visible, although i never managed to get to know my BF% i suppose iam at 10% or somewhat like this.
    I live in germany so my access to american supps will be very limited if not existent.
    My Stats are 1.75 cm in height at 78kg, been lifting natty for about two years. Main focus is definition. Been taking the usual creatine 5g a day (not cycling creatine supplementation) and the obligatory protein shake. Diet is about 2k kcal what should be 300 below maintenance. Iam doing Intermittent fasting with 20 hr fasting window. Support supps are egcg and fish oil caps with some cla.
    So i decided to get me some fat burning/ thermogenic supplements to get below 7% BF, been sitting on my 10% for quite a while now. I plan on reducing carb intake to help achieve my goal, and iam asking you guys what you would take to get to those 7,6% BF?
    I work at my local hospital as a male nurse, so i could get my hands on some albuterol or even clen, but the access is very limited here. What about a decent far burning supplement stack? I thought about compound20, DhEA, Dpol, oxyelite pro. I could even get my hands on some Dren by MHP, is it worth it?
    Thanks in advance and greetinga from germany!
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  2. I am not sure this is the appropriate forum for this Featured Author

  3. Try a refeed first to spike your metabolism.
    Alphamine plus the new alpha t2 *no longer contains t2*
    You don't need clen to lose fat. I'd say the best time to use clen is precontest or pre photoshoot when south of 9% bf. Otherwise you can do without.

    As Mr.Arnold said* waves hands* this is not the forum section your looking for.

    Should be in supplement section. Your also a little too skinny to be cutting in my opinion
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  4. Nice sneakers. Nike? No.

  5. Most of the men at the gym where I live where those shoes. The styles have changed

  6. good arms genetics Featured Author


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