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    Avoid EXCESS nicotine
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    Therapeudic doses of nicotine have been found to show neuroprotective properties, such as illiciting certain, desirable 'nootropic' effects. Don't quote me on that, but if need be I can pull the literature.
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    Que? Nicotine gum is great for cutting. With ECA, I believe it can boost weightloss by about 10% more. Follow the instructions on how to chew it; use the 4mg stuff since it's the same price as the 2mg stuff and just cut the pieces in half.... twice as much for the same price.
    Avoid EXCESS nicotine

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    yea, it's also highly addictive tho.
    "Highly addictive" to those with a high propensity to addiction...

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    Not as addicting as you think. They taught us that it was highly addictive as well, but a deeper look into the data yields a different conclusion. Synapsin made a great post about it on BB.com
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    Really? I was under the impression that it ranked right up there with heroin. Stimulated the same areas in the brain.
    You're talking about big tobacco... nicotine itself, not the delivery system, may be beneficial.

    I was addicted to cigarettes and chew. Chew being the hardest habit to break that I've ever dealt with. If someone has addiction problems it's prob best to steer clear of nicotine. **** I even get a little too intense with wanting caffeine lol

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    Used nicotine both recreationally and for cutting. Never got addicted but "felt" the potential to was just around the corner. It's like caffeine's hotter sister

    I'm saving heroin for my 85th bday..if I make it that far.
    Its good to be aware
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  2. well, i am a recovering addict so i'm gonna stay away from it.

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    well, i am a recovering addict so i'm gonna stay away from it.
    That is a wise decision.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  4. Adderall, Caffeine, Aniracetam, ALCAR, Ginkgo Biloba, Choline, Vinpocetine and a high quality EFA blend. That stack has been money for me for a while now. I have to watch the Ginkgo though... For whatever reason it raises my B.P. even more than the Adderall, though its' benefits outweigh that side-effect I.M.O.

    P.A. mentioned fasting... I've found taking a break from everything but the EFA blend is very helpful in avoiding tolerance buildup (though taking a day off from caffeine can be a real bee-otch of a headache).

    D-Serine looks very interesing and I'm thinking of giving that a try soon. I'd also like to try a new racetam... I hated Noopet (the anxiety it caused offset any benefits) and I've been taking Aniracetam for a while now. Any reccomendations? Phenylpiracetam looks interesting but is expensive and there's not many sources for it that I've seen.


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