best ready to drink meal replacement

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    I get my grandfather the Myoplex Lite since he has the diabeets. Its got like 4g "net carbs". Supposed to be lower glycemic...not that that matters as much to someone young and healthy. You can get a good deal on them at Sam' Club iirc like 24 for $32 while they are 4 for $6.50 at Publix. Only thing is you have to commit to a flavor when you buy the 24 pack since they don't sell a variety pack at least as Sam's where all they have is vanilla and chocolate while Publix has vanilla, caramel, strawberry, dark chocolate fudge, and chocolate in the 4 packs. Here's the nutrition deets:

    That's the one I referred to. However there is a Carb Control thingy which is 110 Calories and not 170

  2. Met-xt RTD 51 .. I grab em when I'm in a pinch.

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    Met-xt RTD 51 .. I grab em when I'm in a pinch.

    Love em. If you want a full meal replacement, not just protein, Myoplex Lite.
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  4. I like the Lean Body rtd's and the Oh Yeah are good too.

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