Iron mag lab: halo extreme???

  1. Iron mag lab: halo extreme???

    Can NCAA athletes get into trouble for taking it and how long does it stay into your system?

  2. if you are tested then dont take it Featured Author

  3. How long will it stay in your system?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Floridaboy239 View Post
    How long will it stay in your system?

    theoretically forever if it follows first order elimination kinetics no matter what the plasma concentrations are (which steroids supposedly do).

    what you probably want to know is how long after you take the stuff can you test clear. First of all I dont know the answer to that, and second of all I would never in a million years discuss anything like that Featured Author

  5. after 1 dosage of 50mg, it will take 6months, 2 weeks, and 14 hours before you can test clean.

    for every dosage, add another 6m/2w/14hr to the equation.
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