Milk Thistle and oral anabolics

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    I guess the question is why when I take DHT based hormones is there discomfort in the prostate? Thanks for posting the studies by the way, I am going to read through them shortly. I trust your judgment I am just stating that this is what I experience when I take them (I have had others confirm this as well).
    maybe you dont masturbate enough Featured Author

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    maybe you dont masturbate enough
    lol.... interesting reads

  3. Milk Thistle is always a better option than taking nothing at all.

  4. guys from the seventies, like Robby Robinson, took Milk thistle when he used gear.
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  5. I go to my doc and he gives me 2000mg of IV glutathione or you can order injectacble glutathione no need for NAC. or you get the lipo glutathione also



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