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    Is it better to take a serving of creating or protein after a workout?

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    Protein, creatine you can take whenever and it builds up in your system. Protein is best taken right before and or right after your workout to help your muscles repair
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    This depends on many factors...perhaps most improtantly - but certainly not limited to - goal.

    In other words, many people try and blanket macronutrient ingestion (Protein, Carbs, Fats) for all people but this is an oversimplification.

    Sometime (more often than not), pre-workout macronutrients do NOT leave you hormonally optimized (most will talk GH indction, but my bigger concern is catecholamine).

    Creatine - you could actually make arguments for both pre and post. There are some neurocognitive options to take creatine pre-workout; however, if solely talking ergogenesis by way of increaing muscle phosphagen stores; mitch is correct.

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