DOM's and muscle growth

  1. DOM's and muscle growth

    Im sure I remember you posting before that DOM's aren't an indicator of muscle growth and strength gain. I have however noticed that I do tend to get DOM's more in the body parts where I gain strength more easily. Also when I change my program I tend to get DOM's and gain strength. I tend to think that a really good work out is often followed up a day or two after with DOM's. Maybe not necessary but an indicator of good things(I know one can take many supplements and AAS and grow without DOMS)?

    I had this discussion with a physio that actually thinks one should never get DOM's. I thought it was a very strange viewpoint. When one work's out, doesn't the muscle tissue get micro tears and inflammation and then grow back together stronger = muscle growth. That's why arachidonic might work, and NSAID's and anti oxidants are bad around workout.

  2. Sub'd I have noticed that the more intense my DOMS is after a hard workout the better my strength gain is when I recover. Kinda like a hurt so good cause I reap the benefits in strength gain.

  3. DOMS is a function of many factors, including relative shifts in volume, relative shifts in intensity, and obviously muscular "damage."

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