Your thoughts/experience with T2?

  1. Your thoughts/experience with T2?

    As above what are your thoughts on it and is T2 effective or even comparable to T3?

  2. I have not liked many of the "newer" T2 supplements on the market; they don't really compare to the Syntrax vs. Biotest days (and if anyone who was around during that time and had an opportunity to take them, they know what I mean) and I think a lot has to do with sourcing. These compounds are VERY hard to source WELL. There's a LOT of crap out there; so it may be buyer beware here.

    If anything might have worthwhile value; I'd try the SAN one - Matt Boldt and I spoke about his sourcing of this at the Arnold two or three years ago when it was just being put back in the marketplace with both forms. He probably puts more time into it than a lot of the small companies. That said, I have heard good things about PES's products BUT have VERY limited experience with them.

    I still might personally look at 3,3 and 3,5 products as opposed to either alone though.

    Comparable to T3? Maybe mildly so; you'll likely get some could always add in substrate (kelp, other iodine source) but your endogenous iodinases would have to be functioning well. I like 7-keto products when you are coming off the iodothyronine products though...kind of a PCT to it I suppose, but it tends to leave a smoother curve in response than stopping "cold-turkey."

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