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    Hey Dr.,
    I was wondering your thoughts on nootropics and any info you would be willing share specifically pertaining to racetam's. I'm interested in creating a "study stack" for my girlfriend and have been doing a lot of research.

  2. The term "nootropic" is very far-reaching. Anything harboring impact upon neurotransmitter improving mental function (and there are a hell of a lot of parameters that define "mental function") could be viewed as "nootropic." Maybe we can narrow down the subject header a bit with specific questions pertaining to them.

    As for the "racetam" group of agents; I am unsure where you'd like to take this discussion as a virtual book could be written on them alone, but piracetam's entrance into the industry around the 1960s was the origin of the term "nootropic" so I don't think a discussion could be had without looking into them to some degree. The issue with them is that they all do NOT have the same affinity for different receptors, so despite structural similarity and name, they aren't that alike.

    A more prominent one might be leviracetam (the pharmaceutical agent Keppra usually used in patients with seizures), whereas the "SUPPLEMENTAL" ones are always gray market at best, so really hard to put in products when they are being re-classified on a virtual weekly basis ... more recent, they are again black-listed (although you can still find them easily enough ... for now).

    Now, that doesn't mean I don't support their use...I think they have placement; but I could write all day on them. What agents were you most impressed with for your "study stack" - maybe its best to start there...

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  3. D,
    After I asked the question, I realized that I should have been more specific. The idea of the stack was to improve studying while still bieng relatively affordable for a student. I seem to find varying recommendations and results on the common -racetams available as supplements. These include, pram, oxi, ani and piracetam. I was leaning towards piracetam and a small dose of pram. I beleive pram and aniracetam are fat soluble with the other two bieng water.

    As for a choline source I'm not sure. My feeling is that choline citrate will do the task but will not offer the other benefits that both Alpha-gpc and CDP offer. However, citrate is much cheaper at about $11 for 500grams.

  4. The other items that would be included would be acetyl carnitine and possibly Huperzine A. I have read mixed studies on Huperzine and don't know if using it with a choline might cause excessive acetylcholine stores because of it inhibiting the acetylcholinesterase enzyme.
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  5. You may also consider Sulbutiamine or Pyritinol, Lions Mane and Bacopa in addition to your racetams.

    Sulbutiamine is synthesized thiamine that crosses the bbb better than regular thiamine. In short, its like brain specific thiamine.

    Pyritinol is neuroenhanced b6.

  6. I think there is plenty of positive support for many of the *racetams, though if you ask people on longevity forums, it seems like everyone has a different experience with the effects - basically, it does something useful or does nothing. After that, some said that certain combos of *racetams worked better. Therefore, I'd imagine that despite whatever further awesome insight we might get from the Dr., it probably still won't matter until your GF tries them to ascertain the effects. Once you know that, you'll be able to determine the most cost-effective solution.

    I think it'd be fascinating if the Dr. was able to provide narrowed nootropic recommendations for desired attributes, such as:


    Consider any anti-aging, well-being, or anti-oxidant properties a double-bonus!

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