Mild first leap?

  1. Mild first leap?

    I am working out the idea of trying MMv2 for my first experience with chems. The posts I have read seem to state that it is very mild and I like that it is also non-methylated. I was going to do 1 bottle with 3 ed ,wo days 1 morn/2pre and non wo days 1/1/1. I work out m/w/f. The PCT is where I need suggestions. Most of the solo runs seemed to not need a serm. If not, what natty sups would be recommended and what dosing regimen too. I was looking towards PCS/DTHC. Just the research phase right now.
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  2. I would stay herbal if I were you. Most people take mmV2 to shed bodyfat and maintain muscle. You can do that with Recreate.

  3. I appreciate the suggestion DW. I'm 49 and just tried my first herbal sup. and saw some decent results (ActivaTe Extreme). It has me feeling a way I have not felt in years. I do not know about you but, it is a fine line between me over training and not. I want to be in your size range...
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  4. Overtraining is a problem for a lot of people, not just us older guys. Most people use more volume than they really need too, now a lot don't do it to the point it seriously impedes their progress so they don't notice so much. Lets just say there is a lot of redundant effort in most peoples routines. The older I get the more I realize that I spent most of my life doing more than I had to as I make very good gains with a lot less volume. Decreased volume will also allow for increased intensity.

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