Cerberus 19nor cycle

  1. Cerberus 19nor cycle

    Hi I've got a few bottles of Sparta nutrition Cerberus ( V1 with 19nor...) in stock
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    Thinking of doing 8 weeks but how high do you think one has to run this stack for good results?

    I am 38 years old, 75kg and have been lifting for 5 years...

    I will be using Cell cycle assist and SNS inhibit-P during the entire cycle.
    Have examestane on hand if needed.

    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Alfamax xt
    Examestane if needed.

  2. Here is the bottle label Name:  Cerberus_FINAL22.jpeg
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  3. 3-4 caps per day imo......

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Whisky View Post
    3-4 caps per day imo......
    I was thinking 4 caps first 4 weeks then 5 caps the other 4 weeks...

  5. Does anyone know if you have any joint benefits from the 19 dhea I am having some joint pain in my wrist and elbow and was wondering if this combo could actually give me some relief...

  6. How effective is 19-nor-dhea for gains?


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