Type 2 Diabetes - Lean Bulk Cycle ?

  1. Type 2 Diabetes - Lean Bulk Cycle ?

    44 years, 5'10, 208 lbs, approx 16% bf. Lifting on and off whole life, steady now about 2 years. Type 2 Diabetes. Metformin 500 mg x 2/day

    Fat percentage is approximate ... low subq fat, got a nice 6 pack, some vascularity in arms and shoulders, but there is a visceral fat pooch underneath, sticks out as far as my chest.

    Currently cutting in preparation for possible bulk. I figure that losing the visceral fat would help alleviate any estro problems.

    I've got several cycles behind me, from a solo TBol (I know, i know) to a bread and butter dbol/test e, to a Sarms/Albuterol cut.

    But I haven't cycled since my Type 2 diagnosis 2 years ago. Could i pull off a low dose , 8 week clean bulk ? Im figuring something like 300mg prop with Ldg 3303.

    Carbs are obviously an issue. Can I use N2Slin with metformin ? Can I up my calorie intake with EFAs instead of extra carbs ?

    I've googled around, but only saw info for Type 1 guys, who already have insulin at their disposal ...

    And I just put on my asbestos underwear, so flame away ....

  2. I think you would want to keep a close eye on things and I'm no doctor - so maybe you should talk with yours???

    But having said that, what little I do think I know about the situation is that I would increase the monitoring of my blood sugar throughout the day to keep a very close watch on things. This in itself will also tell you if you need a GDA or if the GDA is even working. I also wouldn't go nuts with simple sugars and it's probably not necessary anyway.

    Also, testosterone MAY help with the T2D.


  3. This ^^^^. Many research articles out there indicating low free testosterone related to type 2 diabetes.

    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

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