Blood test after a blast on trt.

  1. Blood test after a blast on trt.

    Hi im 6 foot 200 pounds 8.9 percent body fat. 5 cycles under my belt. Just finished a blast and plan on doing bloods on my 5th week off. Should i wait longer? I was doing 750mg test cyp. First week off down to 250mg. Second week 250mg skiped the 3rd week and did 100mg the 4th week. My trt dose is 200 every 2 weeks. I will get my blood done on the 5th. Any input ? I just wanna make sure im below 800

  2. Maybe this calculator will help you:
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  3. Thanks i like the caculations and the graph but its not answering my question. Does anyone have any experience with doing bloods 5 weeks after a blast on trt?

  4. Do you have past blood tests and SHBG levels to reference? If you're one of the few with really high SHBG it could take many weeks to drop your levels. If your like me with very low SHBG it would take about two weeks with no injections to get back into normal range.
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  5. I have only checked my total test. I will recomend a more detailed blood analysis at my next visit. I was at work earlier when i first looked at the graph you sent me and didnt have much time. I just did another calculation and got to say thank you. This calculator is fantastic. I just want to make sure i do my blood at the correct time

  6. Ok i waited 9 days after a 100mg injection and my total test was 171. Wtf. ??????

  7. Well first of all 100mg for your build and weight can be too low. Try 150 or 200 in my opinion. I take 100mg a week and 500iu of HCG a week, and Iím only 170lbs 5í9
    Hadnít ever had bloods but I feel great thatís all I know


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