HGH somatropin legitimacy?

  1. HGH somatropin legitimacy?

    I'm looking to get some HGH and was wondering if anyone has heard of this brand or lab and if they sell real HGH I attached the pictures any info will be appreciated thanks

    Geneli pharmaceuticals co, ltd

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  2. HGH somatropin legitimacy?

    I was told by a doc that stuff no no in USA. But from some basic reading seems to get results an good old buzzard like might like.

    But when I see silly stuff like this:
    The following is the cost for our Sermorelin Forte Plus Therapy Programs:

    Dosage 6 Months 12 Months Savings
    300 mcg $ 1,999.00 $ 3,499.00 $(499.00)
    450 mcg $ 2,299.00 $ 3,999.00 $(599.00)
    600 mcg $ 2,599.00 $ 4,599.00 $(599.00)

    Make you want to go to Mexico

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