Torn ACL surgery, advice on supps/peptides to aid recovery time

  1. Torn ACL surgery, advice on supps/peptides to aid recovery time

    Good morning guys, first off thank you in advance for your experience and advice in this matter as well as all the good info I've gotten over the years. I've been following AM for probably around 5 years now and just finally created an actual account and taking a shot at my first post.
    Been lifting for 19yrs and love the gym, being active, and staying in shape. Unfortunately my routine is being brought to a screeching halt. I recently tore my ACL and have a high sprain on my LCL. Some other soft tissue damage, bone bruising, and a cyst developed in the joint.
    I go to my Dr to go over the MRI results and go over getting it fixed this week. To stay active as I want to be it'll be surgery to get me back up and going. From other experiences I've read it sounds like a cadaver is the way to go instead of grafting from my own leg for replacement and I'm good with that.
    My real questions come on recovery and hearing experience on the use of peptides to help speed up recovery. With all the reading I've done on BPC-157 it sounds like it would be a good help in the recovery process. So any tips on supplement, peptide combos used that helped with your recovery. How soon you started, dosing, etc would be greatly appreciated. I'm 34yrs old, 6ft, 195, 10%bf for stats too if that helps with recommendations on dosing. Sorry for jumping the gun on posting in 35 & older but I learned a long time ago it's always best to get advice from those ahead of you that are where you want to be in the future. Thanks guys for taking the time to read this and give me some feed back on the best path to getting back up and going.

  2. Hgh

    And another one im forgetting, its like tb 500's cousin, damn it

    Bpc 157 if i remember correctly

    Also collagen would be good to add as well

  3. Thanks I haven't read much on collagen but will definitely do some reading there. Have you had knee surgery or experience with the use of your recommendations?

  4. Ive got buddies who have used each of those and said it worked wonders, myself, no, just regurgitating what ive bern told and researched

  5. I've used bpc-157 for bicep/elbow tendonitis and it worked for me taking shots directly into the problem area.

  6. Tb 500, bpc, and gh, collagen


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