Help w/ Therapy

  1. Help w/ Therapy

    Hello all hey Im getting ready to start a mild therapy ( at least what I consider mild ) of 1cc of Test Cip w/ .5 cc of Deca to help relieve some old injuries. Was offered 2 cc's of test but I wanted to start on the low end. My question's are:

    1.) Do you guys have any good suggestions for liver support or you think its kinda unnecessary?

    2.) Do you still use other supplements like creatine, preworkouts, fat burners, etc...?

    3.) what tips does anyone have to deal with the water retention from the Deca? I normally tend to retain water easier than most some I was thinking keeps my carbs lower might help?

    Thanks in advance for all replies

  2. Help w/ Therapy

    Good resources are in this thread:
    TRT Online Resources
    TRT Online Resources

    Since you are injecting, you are bypassing oral metabolism through your liver. No need for liver support.

    Other supplementation is fine. I use all those and been on TRT for 2 years.

    Deca can cause issues with heart. Be sure to research that.

    As part of TRT you have to get bloodwork. If you need an AI then that will not only lower estradiol but also keep water retention at bay.

    Seems you are new to all this. Research your heart out to be sure you know how to stay healthy.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  3. Yeah, liver support isn't a consideration here. I'm doubtful of liver support compounds in the first place anyway

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