Muscle tone fluctuations

  1. Muscle tone fluctuations

    I'm 61 and on Androgel for the past 6 months. I've been lifting for the most part of the last 35 yrs with a few year layoffs here and there and one 5 yr layoff. I was decent size at one time..e.g. 17 1/4" arms at 5'10" 205 lbs and 300lb bench...anyway I've been lifting again for the past few years and have got my arms back over 16" for the first time in a long time. My strength is increasing slowly but steadily. Not sure any of that has anything to do with my question but just giving some background. As for the question....does anyone else have fluctuating muscle tone? I've actually noticed this on and off for many years and maybe it's age related but sometimes I walk by the mirror and think 'damn...I'm looking good' and then I'll go through a period where I look like I've lost it all. The measurements flexed are still there and the strength is there, but the tone goes away for a while and then all of a sudden it's back for a while . So I'm just wondering if this is odd or is it normal. And to add, I don't believe it's body weight or fat level related.

  2. Without knowing anything about your diet or supplements, I will just throw out that if you are riding low on carbs, it will add to a "flat" look. That can make you look less "pumped" and give a perceived look of less muscle. This can also go the other way if you are eating a lot of sodium and can add to a puffier look, also giving a perceived look of less muscle.

  3. Well that could certainly be it. As for supplements, I usually have a protein shake in the morning, I take Tongkat Ali about 1000-1200mg per day on a cycle, glutamine, alcar, DIM and the Androgel. If I don't have my protein shake (which is low-carb except for a few ounces of blueberry/pomegrante juice) I'll usually have a couple hard boiled eggs and then just snack on hard boiled eggs, chicken and sometimes mixed fruits. So I would say until my evening meal I don't eat many carbs as a rule. Thanks for the response!

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