Test shortage

  1. Test shortage

    Anyone having a hard time filling there prescription? I tried 25 different pharmacies last night for my Test E, finally found a bottle of test cyp had to get dr to ok the change. Most places told me they are not expecting any shipments untill June 26

  2. Huh odd what region of the country I'll see if any of the pharmacies we work with are having issues.
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  3. I'm in Canada, but I checked the American site ashp.org and confirmed there are shortages with the manufacturers because of lack of raw materials

  4. We ran into this about 6 months ago and it took me about 3-4 weeks to get a script filled. Only certain manufacturers, though. I get Watson and they were hard to fill. No problems since.

  5. I had this problem last yr. I upped my size and havnt had an issue with it.

  6. i have not had any issues so far. earlier this year however there was a shortage/production issue w/ 1ml vials. good luck.

  7. There was a supplier shortage of test e delastryl brand and generic, supplier shipped out as of the 23rd of June

  8. Well I spoke too soon there's still a shortage here in Canada not expecting any type of enthanate or cyponiate until July 11 because due to shortage of raw materials from the supplier


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