Insurance won't cover androderm patches?

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    Insurance won't cover androderm patches?


    I have a question for you guys on androderm patches. Have you run into problems with your insurance refusing to pay for dosages higher than 6 mg a day? 8 mg a day works best for me, it keeps my T steady throughout the day with my morning T at 606. However, my insurance won't pay for anything over 6 mg because that's the highest listed dosage on the androderm drugsheet and website. According to them, taking 8 mg "exceeds the maximum allowable dosage," which sounds ridiculous. My doctor's not experienced with TRT, so he believes what the insurance company tells him, that it exceeds the dosing limit set by the manufacturer and that "no one should be taking this much testosterone." Now he's changed his mind about giving me 8 mg and wants to cut back on my dosage. Even though 6 mg doesn't really work for me and we've done labs that show 8 mg is the right dose.

    Before finding a new doctor I want to know if this is common for insurance companies to limit androderm dosing at 6 mg? Or is it just BS in my case? Have any of you run into this problem before?

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    Its common for insurance companies to deny people anything. Sh--, people with life threatening illnesses were being denied care...
    What your doctor could have done is appeal the insurance companies decision and say its "medically necessary" for you to receive that amount - but its a "hassle" for doctors to do (not in my opinion) but most doctors will shy away from it.

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    Mine quit covering androderm all together almost two years ago......

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