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    I'm new to the board but have been reading many post for the last few months. I am 44, on TRT since June 2013, lost about 70lbs BF, feeling great and looking better each passing month.

    I enjoy all of the knowledge many of you have and have learned a ton from reading your threads. I am looking forward to learning more and will post more specifics of myself and have questions for all of you soon.

    I just registered so this post is just a general hello and test on posting.

    So, hello all and thanks for having a great forum!
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  2. hello and greetings from iForce nutrition!

  3. Congrats on your progress thus far!
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  4. Sounds like you've come a long way, congrats and welcome.
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  5. TrenE/Sus250 Cycle

    So I posted the below under the "Anobolic", "Cycle Info" forum and got zero responses. Did I post it in the wrong spot? Anyway, since I am 44 years old and a few of you guys responded to my first "New to the board" post, I'll give it a try here.

    All input welcome and thanks in advance. Here is the post:

    Will be running a TrenE/Sus250 soon. I will post all specifics later, so please don't hit me with the stats? how many cycles have you run? and all that stuff. I will post all that info and my exact plan including diet later and look forward to specific input on that from all of you. Yes, I have run Tren E one time before. Not enough in my opinion, 1ml twice a week @ 100mg/ml with 200mg test cyp once a week for 9 weeks. I just have 1 question for now.

    I have enough gear to run the sus250 at 1ml twice per week and the tren e 100mg/ml at 1ml eod. 10 weeks of sus250 and 8 weeks Tren.

    Opinions please as to whether or not this 10 week cycle (8wks tren) is long enough or should I get enough gear to run 15 wks sus250 and 12 weeks tren?

    My concern is that the tren will have only kicked in good for 4 weeks or so and then I would have to stop and not maximize my Tren run?

    Thanks in advance for your input! I am 44 years old. I know, pretty old compared to some of you!



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