43 yr old, trt, swollen nips

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  1. Currently: 68.5mg andropen Sunday mornings and 68.5mg andropen Wednesday evenings. 5 alpha test (dht) 3x day and was taking .2mg letrozole daily but reducing dose and switching to something else. The nipples are smaller and should stop swelling with use of dht but think I need something specific to get rid of them. I know from the old days that Nolva is the one standby for gyno specifically. The dht should help with typical estrogen issues we'll see. I feel good, better than recently as far as moods, libido, motivation and energy. Foremeron seems to be the thing to use but transdermal... maybe a SERM like Toremifene? I personally would use DHT for HRT if I could get it. If you not susceptible to MPB (male pattern baldness) there's no sides at all. It won't get your muscles really big but you will maintain a anabolic state without any water retention. Strength and endurance but no pump like typical gear which can inhibit your endurance esp forearms. Your confidence will go thru the roof as well as your morning wood. Libido is off the chain literally. Your female friend(s) will appreciate it. Ultimate male enhancement. Androsterone, epiandrosterone.... booyah!

  2. Oops little tangent there. Hows those Forerunner Labs Alpha Hard cycles coming along?

  3. Just don't use Letro for a long period of time it can be a libido killer.
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  4. Yup. I'm tapering now. The dht precurser is working. With my test dose at about 140mg a week and addition of dht estrogen seems to be much better. Still need to fine tune things.. going to round up some proviron and masteron to stack with my protocol. My older age has brought achy joints that glucosamine just won't relieve alone. Deca puts fluid into joints and usually relieves achy joints

  5. 53 here, For joint issues, I recommend iForce Joint Help on top of the glucosamine. I'm only taking 1 cap of the Joint Help per day.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
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  6. Looking into it. Sounds like great product


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