Not really sure what to do. A little direction please..

  1. Not really sure what to do. A little direction please..

    36 yrs old and had my T levels tested and the Doc told me it was perfectly normal at 388. I was complaining of poor sex drive, fatigue, poor posture, anxiety and all that may signify lower T levels so that is why I got tested. He offered a script for any ED drug I wanted but I declined I figured as I would just continue to eat right and exercise like I've been doing for about a year now, nothing to serious just like 60 push ups, 20 min. of kettlebells and a one mile walk every day along with stretching in the evening. I started feeling a little better but still while feeling a little off, even with taking ZMA, longjack and DIM caps. So a month ago I decided to order some RS Transaderm and Forma Stanzol. Started 3 weeks ago today 4-5 pumps of RS in the morning and 8 pumps of Forma in the morning and before bed. I can't tell you how great I feel...I'm super focused, in a great mood all the time. My posture is better and my anxiety is almost non existent, and of course I have no problems getting it up with the Ms. Then I came across some threads I didn't see while researching these products that kinda got me scared. Now Im not trying to get all ripped or super muscular, I'm just trying to feel how I'm feeling right now, shed this little belly fat that just wont go. Just tone up a little bit. I know that everything comes with a cost, but what I don't want is to go through a shut down. So two days ago I started to taper off the RS 1 less pump each day while continuing the same amount of Forma until next Friday, which will be the end of 4 weeks. Hoping that may make a smooth transition.
    What I was wondering is if I just took Forma on 4 week cycles and not have to worry about shut down or other side effects? Or have I already jumped on to a crazy horse I can't get off of? Thanks a lot for any advice I've read some great posts on here but couldn't really find one to nail down my situation.

  2. first off will you plz post either the ingredients to your stack or at least post a picture of the ingredient label.
    im assuming the forma is a formastane product which is an Aromatse inhibitor. this keeps natural test from converting to estrogen. however the "stanzol" part of the name leads me to believe there might be a winstrol PH in it as well. to really help we need to know the ingredients of what you have taken.. don't worry we will help you get sorted. there is no crazy horse.
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  3. Hey thanks for the reply. Sorry I just assumed everyone on here knew the product. Here is the ingredients for the Forma Stanzol: formestane, DIM, 7,8 Benzoflavone(99%), horse chestnut seed extract, chrysin,ethyl alcohol, benzophenone-4, carbomer,fragrance,glycerin, isopropyl, myristate,propylene glycol, tocopheryl acetate

    Here are the ingredients for the RS Transaderm: ehtyl alcohol, water, carbomer, propylen glycol, glycerin, isopropyl myristate, tocopheryl acetate, benzophenone-4, DHEA, 7,8 benzoflavone, resveratrol, pregnenolone, chrysin, fragrance.

    Again my goals are not to become super ripped or all huge. I just want to tighten up, lose little belly and love handle fat. I'm just worried about having side effects.

  4. ok well you will be glad to know, the transderm is really just a DHEA isomer and the Forma is based around formastane like I figured.
    frankly you could easily do 4 week cycles of both and its not going to make you super ripped an muscular (only your diet can do that for you)
    you felt great because its an mild androgen that probably made you feel vigorous, healthy and viril. you don't want to run this for very long 4 weeks would be great!
    follow with something like your forma ... and run it after your 4 weeks (I would recommend iforces reversitol along side or stand alone).

    so here is how to do it safely and feel great

    RS for four weeks as the label recommends
    Forma-stanzol (and or reversitol) as label recommends for four weeks
    four weeks off

    you may find your joints will get a little achey from the AI so just be prepaired for some discomfort from whats reffered to as dry joints. some mint infused fish oil and joint help is of great use during these times.
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  5. so run the forma after 4 weeks of RS...not a long side it? And then take nothing at all for 4 weeks.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    I was actually going to go by what the label said but read something that scared me. So I took the RS for 3 weeks a long with forma which I am still taking. This coming Friday will be 4 weeks so I guess Ill stop after Friday.



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