Can I run a TEST Booster (OTC) while on Clomid? (TRT)

  1. Can I run a TEST Booster (OTC) while on Clomid? (TRT)


    I've had fluctuations in my FREE TEST levels for the last 10 years or so.
    I've responded VERY WELL to TRT like Androgel (and since it works i won't get injectable unless the right circumstances arise).

    Given that Androgel is expensive and it does cause shut down like any other synthetic test my endo prescribed Clomid to keep my levels at a manageable state (normal range) and to use it for some time until it either corrects the issue (I come off the clomid and continue to monitor my levels) and/or I go back on Androgel or whatever.

    Anyway, I must say the Clomid has worked very well. Within 6 months my Test levels almost doubled, up to 75% of the "normal range".

    Now they are within normal range - 50% and steady, and I feel pretty good.

    I just had labs done last week so It will be close to a year on the Clomid. I know it can lose its effectiveness so I want to be careful with it and my endo is always reviewing my labs and we are looking at other options.

    Anyway, I'm going to use a OTC TEST BOOSTER SOON.

    Something like T Force or Tropinol, something that can give me a boost in my Test levels to the point where I can REALLY GET SOME GAINS (I'm combining with a GH cycle).

    But I'm not sure what to do about the Clomid?
    Should I continue using it while I take the supplement?

    I don't want to stop and just add the supplement and "see what happens" and use it for PCT (some supplement claims are not "truly" validated and some work for some while others don't)

    So if i use the clomid throughout the use of a TEST boosting supplement, will it still work for PCT (if that is needed)?

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    Tropinol & T-Force work good with clo m/w/f, actually 2 good... I was kicking around the idea of throwing in some f.r.l. reboot lately also... L-orth & forskolin work good with combo also.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by justmechillin View Post
    Tropinol & T-Force work good with clo m/w/f, actually 2 good... I was kicking around the idea of throwing in some f.r.l. reboot lately also... L-orth & forskolin work good with combo also.
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  4. you should be able to continue with the clomid. also you might want to look into something stronger if your looking to add serious size..
    while trop and intimidate will no doubt give you a boost in the gym it likely will not help you to pack on mass. for that you need a good det plan hard work and possibly some androgens at your age.
    definitely you will like the stack tho so go for it! itll be one hellova ride~
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  5. Yes it should work just fine. The use of OTC test boosters have been recommended in PCT for a while now. Though the use of Tropinol vs androgel I dont think are very comparable. Tropinol being OTC is designed to help boost T-Levels but will not boost them to the level of gaining serious size. With it help, sure especially if you are using it with Clomid.
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  6. Thanks guys.

    Went over my labs with my PCP yesterday morning to ensure I"m "ready to go" before starting.

    PSA - Normal
    TSH - Normal
    T4 Free - Normal
    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - Normal
    Testosterone Total - 520.5 (In the middle of the range / Normal)
    Free Testosterone - 12.5 (Also in the middle of the range / Normal)
    LH - Normal
    FSH - Normal

    ** For some reason I didn't get my SHBG but the lady probably forgot to print it out for me.

    So now that I have my labs done. I'm still waiting on the syringes to begin my Peptide cycle (probably next week). I ALSO need to get on a schedule. My other medication (psychotropic - no choice, trust me....) makes me sleep like a bear during the winter....I've only worked out TWICE this week !!!!

    When I was doing Tapout - I was working out 6 X a week (nothing had changed - same medication etc...)

    So anyway, my plan is to workout 3x a week, with a cardio, stretching, or yoga regimen on off days.

    So I really need to schedule my time better.

    I DO think a Test booster would be beneficial to combine with the peptides as I'm looking for that GROWTH at a CELLULAR level.....I know I won't reach this with just CJC w/o DAC and GHRP2 (MGF and IGF Maybe)....but I want to get the best out of it.

    With clomid - and a test booster as you guys mentioned above - should help....and when i stop the test booster....the clomid SHOULD keep my levels within normal range and prevent them from dropping.

    Now its just a matter of getting those damn syringes and ordering the right Test booster. No PH given my history of fluctuations in TEST levels.


    Mentally Unstable - Divided Mind

  7. Why are you even running a pct if your on TRT? Don't your daily test application of gel keep your levels stable enough to just run an AI or Aromasin.


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