Injectable B12 vs injectable B-complex

  1. Injectable B12 vs injectable B-complex

    I'm having trouble locating vet grade injectable B12, but the vet grade injectable B-Complex is readily available. I really only want straight vitamin B12 without additional B vitamins, especially not B6. Do any of you guys inject B-complex?

  2. INJ B-12 is pretty easy to get through an anti-aging clinic. Have you tried that route?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Gutterpump View Post
    INJ B-12 is pretty easy to get through an anti-aging clinic. Have you tried that route?
    I can get the pharmaceutical grade online, it's just 5x more expensive than vet grade. I might check the local aa clinic, or just see if my doc will write a script.

  4. Why only B-12?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by veaderko View Post
    Why only B-12?
    Didn't want to get more b6 than needed since you can overdose b6.

  6. Hi
    got just the company for you Synthetek and the productis called sythelamin 1cc ED for wk then 1cc 3 days a week, superb product have been using it for a month now, feel the uplift from the first dose, better moods and sleep, cannot fault it.
    Its all pure B12


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