Sus 250 cycle

  1. Sus 250 cycle

    Hi there,
    Just looking for some feedback on this Sustanon 250 cycle I'm considering taking.
    My name is Paul
    Age: 42
    Weight: 86kgs
    Height: 180cm
    Been training for 6 years
    Have done 2 oral cycles before Finaflex, Andro and Alpha
    Looking for further gains, this is the cycle:
    Week 1-12: Sustanon 250 - 500mg a week ( 2 shots of 250mg, Monday and Thursday)

    Week 1-4: Test propionate - 150 mg a week (1 shot, Saturday)

    Week 2-12: Arimidex - 0.25 mg (every second day)

    Pct: start 2 weeks after last shot
    4 weeks: Nolvadex - 20 mg everyday

    Just a few queries I have, firstly would a HCG be required or not? If so when should it be introduced during cycle and at what dosage? Read many different opinions so unsure.. Secondly, during 2 week break before Pct should anything be taken during that period? Like a supplements etc.

    Thanks for your time, would greatly appreciate any feedback.

  2. I cant comment on the HCG as I have read a lot of conflicting/mixed things on it.

    As far as the 2 weeks inbetween, I may be wrong but wouldnt you want to start 10 days after with that stack?
    Also, are you going to be doing anything to help raise your t-levels back to normal with your PCT? Ive always recommended some sort of OTC t-booster to use with the PCT. My favorite is Tropinol and I also use Intimidate for the NMDAA factor.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. seems fine to me.

    you can use hcg if you want to, it just makes the transition into pct easier.
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