42 and need a litttle help

  1. 42 and need a litttle help

    Need some advice I have 20cc of 250 test -e and 200 tabs of oral winny (10mgs). any suggestions on how to go about it. Took a cycle of test-e and Deca about 2 years ago. Thanks for the help.....

  2. What is your PCT?

  3. I have both nolva and clomid

  4. Going to 500mg a week would make it 10 weeks. That's pretty short. You could make it ~12 weeks at 400mg. As recently as the 1980's, 400mg of test a week was considered to be a serious cycle (per Mick Hart, whose book I read a few weeks ago). They grew just fine in the 80's. I can't speak to the winny as I have never used it.

  5. start off with 1CC (250MG) for the first 3 weeks....don't flood your receptors then... 7 weeks 2cc (500mg) ...then taper back down to 1cc per week that's the shots...remember enant will stay in your system for two weeks and takes a few weeks to start kicking in..so be patient!
    the winnys ...I would take 3 a day (theyre only 20mg normally come in 50mg ) till you run out

    wait atleast a week after your cycle for your pct ...as the enanthate will stay in your system for a few weeks after your last shot!

  6. I agree with oldbuffone. As far as your PCT, might look into a OTC T-Booster to help you get back to normal ASAP after you cycle. I would suggest Tropinol should be all you need from this type of cycle.
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  7. I agree, Tropinol would be a good choice

  8. You could look into Intimidate SRT as well for your PCT.


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