I've been reading all the topics and I'm up at arms about all this TRT. It all started about 8 months ago when I got a complete blood work up because of a surgery. My Dr. told me that my Test. count was just abit low which was probably because of my increasing age. To try to get it up a little he recommended to start a trt plan to get it up some. Without doing any reading of my own I went with it. Well now I've gone from abit low to my body has stop making test and having to cycle just to get it back up. I would rather kick start my body and try to get it to do what it's made to do instead of going to the needle. After doing some reading here I believe with the cycle I just did caused my e2 to climb because I put on about 10lbs(mostly in stomach fat) in a very short time with no life change. Is there anything I can do now at 42yrs old to get me back going as close to natural as possible. I don't like all these side effects I've read about and how hard and time consuming it is to get your body right doing it with a replacement test. The last thing I want is to take all this test and end up closer to being a woman with breast and fighting estrogen levels. Never been one to put meds. in my body unless there were no other options. Thanks