36 and divorced. have a guy giving me advice at work.....

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    I don't know, starting steroids right away after getting back in the gym just recently?. Did anyone bother to ask the OP how long he had been working out, or what his diet and exercise routine is like?. Not trying to be a jerk, but he also said he wants to "convert" his fat into muscle, and that just isn't possible. It shows that he is only beginning his journey. Please take some time and learn about proper diet and exercise. You will still be able to make gains without taking anabolics.
    Bingo. I don't know why anyone is even entertaining the thought of AAS when it is fairly clear that he is not ready for it. Most people that post that are truly ready for the next level let people know their diet, gym routines, and have real expectations of what they are looking for. I don't see any of this and think the OP needs to concentrate on good old food, rest, and lots of activity and gym time. I know it isn't the sexy answer, but it is the responsible one.

    Let's just get real here. He is 6', 275lbs and wants to get back at his ex wife. He is pissed and rightfully so. He has let himself go and his ex wife is a bitch. That is not an excuse to start taking steroids, it's time to get **** back on track.

  2. 2 cents...
    I have to agree with the guys against the drug use first. Sounds like a short road and a quick fix that rarely lasts.
    IMO and even from some personal experiences, it would be far better and much more rewarding to first, give into any notions about trying to get even with others. It is very short lived and you can get past old wounds better by just moving on and not picking at those wounds. "Forgiving" is the best revenge, believe me...! Harder than 20 rep squats...!
    Second, to make yourself fitter because you want to be fitter and healthier and make that the long term habit. Moving away from negative emotions and on to a more positive life approach with the fitness. It will soon grow into other aspects of your life, meetign new people or whatever and your health will prosper as a long term, habit forming lifestyle.
    You can go very very far, without the needs of any superficial means, other than some good solid food and solid positive hard work. That stuff cannot be shortcut and in the long run you will reap much more both physically and mentally and sleep great at night too.

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    Thanks again for the insight.. I have worked out 3 days a week hour of training and hour of cardio.. For the last 18 mos. I dropped from 325 to 265 at my lowest. While going through my divorce I stopped for a few months.

    My diet has been the hardest thing for me.. But I have a fitness app that helps me be accountable, and keep track of caloric intake.

    My trainer lays out a diet that gives me some flexibility to an extent.. I find if I batch cook on Sundays, I commit to that the best.

    My trainer is a broken record about cardio.. He won't let me skip it... Ever... Even on leg day...
    From 325 to 265, and without any supplements ( aas ). That shows a mindset to make your goal.

  4. Leaving aside the whole revenge thing...I am in a similar age and feel at 36 it is a different ballgame than 21 YO with respect to supplementation. I am definately more mature and mindful in my late 30's.

  5. So many options and directions for the op hit me up via PM I'll point you in the right direction. I went from 280ish to 200 on stage. Be ready to put in work and dedication this won't be easy but the best things in life never are, right? Start light if you do run with anabolic help remember take it slow. That cycle you laid out is fast and rather strong for starting out.

    The best thing to remember is that bodybuilding is more of a marathon then a sprint toward your goal. It took me two years to get on stage push and you might do it in less. Hell I hope you do it in less time!
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  6. The man stated he has moobs an some of U are recommending AAS with the guy not having extended time working out and learning nutrition. Not a good idea IMO. Listen to the ones who did not recommend AAS, they know what they are talking about. As far as motivation, find it where U can brother and go kick lifes ass. I also just got divorced after 17 years, its a rough process. The gym can become a place of health and freedom from lifes troubles...... Good luck !!


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