AAPF worlds are over and had an interesting meet. I did not hit the poundages I thought I should and got really sick while warming up for deads. Made my first dead and had to call it from there. Spent the rest of the night looking at the ceiling. It felt as bad as food poisoning. I said all that to say I set three national records, one world record and repeated as world champion (#7). Despite my short commings There are two folks I would like to thank, ageforce and coach Wade Johnson. Wade has helped me with a number of form issues and techniques. He is fantastic and ageforce has an arsenal of products thta WORK!!!! I can make excuses but no energy, not enough sleep, getting winded recpovery issues just to mention a few ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. Ageforce products see to that. Please check both out and I promise you you will not be disappointed. Looking forward to n2014 so back to training.