Lab results question

  1. Lab results question

    I'm a 37 year old male and recently had lab work done. It wasn't specifically to check my testosterone levels, but that was one of the items that they checked. Here are the results:

    Testosterone, Total 3.21

    Testosterone, Free % 2.49%
    Range 1.1% - 2.8%

    Testosterone, Free 79.8
    Range 35-155 (PG/ML)

    The normal range shown on the report are below the last two. There wasn't a range for the first one. How do I interpret these numbers? Are they OK for someone that wants to maintain an active lifestyle and enjoys bodybuilding? They appear to be in their acceptable ranges, but I wasn't sure if those are ranges for everyone. I'm not even sure what the units of measurement are.

  2. your free test is normal basically right in the middle. you can always try to boost the free test in your system using a natural supplement like testabolan v2 by iforce wich is designed to raise free test. free test is the amount of unbound test which can attach to receptors and produce desirable effects.
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  3. You don't post much to go off of. Looks pretty normal, but if you are concerned about lower free test, numerous things can cause that. Nettle root is great for increasing this, but you may have slightly raised e2, which can also affect the level.

  4. Your Total test was 3.21? Do you mean 3,210? Because 3.21 is close to zero. Normal range is 250-1000 (the 1000 range being for young male gifted athletes and the 250 being a 70 year old man).

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