Update oldguns

  1. Update oldguns

    I haven't been posting just stopping in to read up whenever I get a chance. Several of you have been hunting me down and pm me on other boards. Yes, I am still around, however dad is now in stage 5 of rapid on-set deminetia. Basic....got my hands full ! Hope you guys are hitting your goals and teaching others how to get it done. I did get hooked up with a TRT doctor/urologist who has a positive view on self injecting , at least I have one thing taken care of correctly. I will try to be on here more..........


  2. What have been the excuses doctors have been making for not self injecting? Just had a TRT doctor say that he did not want the bad publicity if some high school kid ended up getting caught with a vial prescribed by him. LOL

  3. Basic thought I got was the 20.00 co-pay for the office visit and the cost of the shot. My old doctor told me that their entire practice was going to transdermal gel or pellets. So I found a doctor who basically told me that the dose was all wrong, Tested and re-set the dose, told me to only do bloodwork the day before the next injection is due and actually sat down for 5 minutes for a chat on anabolic steroids and TRT. I got more info in that chat than I did with the old doctor in three years. He would get all pissy if I tested much over 320 ng/dl, this new doctor looked at 680 ng/dl asked me how I felt....like I'm alive again. He said we will keep you there and re-test in six months, ( which is next month ), he has already sent the script for the blood work.

    It also depends on the DEA agent in charge, the one in this area is a power hungry bitch. Anything she sees as a red flag she makes the doctors life hell. Nothing like a ton of paperwork getting dropped in your lap and wanting the doctor to respond in 72 hours. My personal physician won't touch TRT, said it's not worth all the bull****, so she sends you to a urologist. There is alot going on that we don't know about.!

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