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  1. stack review

    I'm 42 6-00 and have been lifting off and on for about 20 years. I lift 6 days / week so I have a decent foundation. I was wondering if anyone with more experience could tell me their experiences with my stack. I started Monday. Halo V, PCT stage 5 and liver support. What type of gains should I expect. Is my pct good enough.

  2. some users report solid gains of 10-12 lbs on hdrol but a lot of guys will only see 5lbs and a little reduction in bf during a 30 day cycle. im not sure what that PCT is but i recommend you get a SERM at your age and use a tried and true oct combo of reversitol v2 and testobolan v2
    i don't know what your definition of liver supports are but you could probably use some live 52 and pomegranate extract, or if your worried some TUDCA. drink tons of water. and train hella hard. up your calorie intake with some quality food and supplemental whey. fish oil and some joint help may be in order as hdrol usually dries out my joints.
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  3. From what I remember reading on AM and talking with people myself about what I might want to use, they always recommend having a SERM too. I would look into Reversitol v2 and Testobolan v2.
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  4. My gym partner gained 11lbs on a hdrol cycle but when he came off he lost a lot of it. I think overall he kept like 4. I dont know what he did for PCT but I would recommend Reversitol v2 and Testobolan v2 and a good SERM

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