47 and low T. Suggestions?

  1. 47 and low T. Suggestions?

    Hello everyone. I am new here to this site and to the subject of anabolics in general so, please excuse some of the newbie comments and questions I have. So, here is my situation. I am 47yo, reasonably healthy, been working out off and on for years. During a recent physical I told my doctor that I just felt tired alot and not making the gains I thought I should be from my workouts. He played it off and said"welcome to old age". I asked if he would check my T levels and he agreed to. He only checked total T though and not a whole panel. My results were "low nomal" with a "normal" range of 150-900, I was at 210. I asked if we should explore raising that andhe said no. That I was in the normal range and did not require any further treatment.
    So now I am looking for ways to bring my T levels up. I would prefer some supplements but, I will consider other ways as well. Are there any supplements that really work that could be used long term? how about cycled? If I were to use something"stronger" I would prefer an oral, no injectables. Maybe clomid? If I were to try an anabolic, could you provide cycle recommendations and products needed? I have seen ads for the research chemical companies. Are they reliable? If so which ones?
    Sorry for rambling on, just looking for advice and suggestions on a topic that I am just beginning to learn about. Oh, also, libido is good but, erection firmness is so-so. Would liquid cialis or Viagara from the research chem companies be beneficial?

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    Option 1 - BSN Axis HT with 25mg 7keto DHEA and ZMA (B-6, magnesium and Zinc) Option 1 is otc...

    Option 2 - Fire your "old school" Dr. before he has you loaded up on cholesterol and BP meds, and get a 2nd opinion about low dose TRT before it to late, or try some Dr. supervised clomid...

    Now you could just stay on TRT for the rest of your life if that is what you want and blood work is ok, or go back to option 1 if you don't like the TRT... Clomid works well w/ option 1..... Also, get a stress test before trying DHEA or training... I went back to option 1 after I got my Heart/Lung capacity back to when I was 20...

  3. Before you consider any options you need a full panel.

    What is your free test?
    What is your E2?
    What is your SHBG?
    What is your prolactin?

  4. Find another doctor that will run a more complete test of your hormones.

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