Endo appt. Tomorrow

  1. Endo appt. Tomorrow

    Hi guys.
    I have an endocrinologist appt. tomorrow morning. Was hoping to get some insight and feedback into what happens or is going to happen.
    Told my normal Dr. I had many symptoms of low test and he had it checked, 350. He said I'm fine go on with life but I complained I still have these symptoms, so he made this appt. and I've waited like 3 months for this.

  2. Tell endo you have almost EVERY low t symptom and that it's affecting your job. If he orders blood work research these forums on what labs to order but make sure they get free and bioavailabe T, the male sensitive E2 test, thyroid panels, dhea, pregnenalone, and a bunch of other assays. You need these to establish a baseline so you know what your numbers are BEFORE GOING ON TRT. If he does prescribe trt I recommend test Cypionate injections.
    I learned a lot from allthingsmale.com. You might even consider going to an anti aging doc. Good luck.

  3. I assumed they would take blood tomorrow. I followed a T nation article somewhat just in case, cut out fats, lift daily, start drinking beer get little sleep. I really don't want to commit to lifelong medication but if it will really help me I'm down for it.

  4. OK well I have to have labs drawn tomorrow at 8 am. Then my next appt. Is mid Dec., and I need to have more blood drawn a week before that. Seems like a long slow process.

  5. Dr. Wants to do an MRI now wtf? I have to call them.

    OK prolactin was high. More than likely I just need TRT but they want to rule out pituitary tumor. Scary ****!

  6. No tumor lol.
    This Dr. Is a dick though.

    Symptoms check
    Blood test with lower average Test check.
    Extensive blood tests for hormones with confirmed LOW test. Check

    Dr. Tells me wait 4 months and we'll check test again. ****ing dick.

  7. The MRI is standard when you go to an Endo. I went to 3 when I first started years ago and they all recommended it. Sounds like this doc is being thorough, but cautious. My doctors did the same thing and I was game because I didn't want to start TRT unless other things were ruled out. I waited 5 months after my first test because we would try to fix my sleep, reduce stress, and rule out other variables- then test again. I had 3 tests during that period and it continued to go down. It wasn't until I was at 219 that we decided that TRT was a good route for me.

  8. Yea I was upset at first because the nurse told me I was going on trt after MRI ruled out a tumor. So I thought I would be feeling better. Now I wait.

  9. He wants you to suffer for another 4 months? Dude, you need to find another doc that specializes in TRT.

  10. I agree, I did some serious internet research and found a urologist that specializes in it. Dude was cool. He say my test levels and basicly said you probably feel like ****. And I said yeah, so he said injections or implants. I said injections please and lets see how it goes. He was cool and said you proabably want to get started quickly because you feel aweful. Dude knew what I was going through. Get someone who knows what the hell your feeling like and they will take care of you. I feel like a million bucks. Im a happier dad, husband and coworker.

  11. It's not uncommon to get trt care through endo or urologist, it's oftentimes rare or difficult to get them to prescribe AI or HCG along with it.

  12. I never saw my test results. But I'll just wait. No big deal. I'm still getting gains. The second that stops I'll be like oh hell no. This **** needs fixed yesterday lol.

  13. You should get your results and your doc should be sharing them with you. This is your health and body- you need to be in the know.

  14. This is why many of us end up going to an anti-aging doctor; someone who's a member of A4M. They aren't so caught up in treating just symptoms or whatever can be coded for the insurance companies.
    I found mine though worldhealth.net

  15. LOL- they aren't so caught up in treating symptoms. Translation: they are caught up in making money so they will give you everything under the sun to make you "better" without caring about the symptoms.

    Most people that go to those places don't have a real doctor or get tricked in the marketing.

  16. Case in point: my TRT care was started by my pcp, who then referred me to endo, who then referred me to urologist, who would not prescribe above the standard 100 mg per week of test cyp, despite t numbers at mid to mid-low range. And they wouldn't even consider AI even tho my e2 numbers were high normal. No HCG.
    I go to an A4M doc and he is ok on all 3 and seeks numbers that are not just in the normal range but are "optimal".

  17. Right, essentially making my point as well. An anti-aging clinic is going to offer you all sorts of things without even knowing if you need it or not. Most TRT patients are not on hcg because it isn't necessary and also most get away with not needing an AI because they get their protocol dialed in by working with their docs.

    Don't think that just because they sell it to you that it is good or even needed.


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