nolva or AI for gyno symptoms on cycle?

  1. nolva or AI for gyno symptoms on cycle?

    I'm on my 3rd week of test e(only 250 mgs a week)next week I'm gonna start doing 500 mgs...anyways last night I started to feel some kind of sharp pain in my right nipple,it comes and goes. .I don't have any sore or lumps so I'm not sure if its related with gyno.i have liquid nolva on trainer(who is helping me) keeps telling me to only use nolva for sides while I'm on the cycle,I told him about arimidex and he doesn't think arimidex is better than nolva...I know a lot of ppl take arimidex on cycle instead of nolva so pls I need some suggestions

  2. Grab a little bit of letro to see if you can kill the sides, and don't bump up to 500 until you're sure about it.
    Then run aromasin all cycle.
    Not having an AI on hand before starting your cycle is a big mistake.

  3. I might have to get some aromasin..what dose?

  4. .25/EOD worked for me.
    It is much better than a-dex

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