Will Boldenone mess up my bloodwork for medical exam?

  1. Will Boldenone mess up my bloodwork for medical exam?

    I have been on 120mg/week of Test E for 6 months (HRT) and am passed my initial 6 week blood tests. My SHBG is still high and leaves me with low free test but overall I still feel better.
    I want to start a Boldenone or Helladrol cycle as soon as possible so I can feel it before an athletic competition at the end of August. (and no I dont consider it cheating, Im just evening out the genetic playing field. Some guys are born with it, some guys have to buy it).

    Problem is I either busted a hernia in a strange spot or I have a very large inflamed lymph node. The surgeon canceled the operation until after I have had a CAT scan.
    If it is a lymph node I imagine I will need further blood work. Do I need to worry about the boldenone screwing up the results?
    I figure I can wait on the Helladrol for another 2 weeks and still have it in play for a week before the competition, but I have been reading that Boldenone takes 6 weeks to make any changes, and I feel like I am already cutting it close.

  2. Boldenone will increase red blood cells if I remember correctly.

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