more appropriate are to post

Have been on the What Fat Stack for 3 1/2 weeks now. Incredible results! I really wish i had done some before pics.

Day 4 of the Oh Man Do I Feel Good Stack. Yes, only day 4 and oh man do i feel good. No placebo, too many ph/ps cycles to be fooled.

  • Clomid - 12.5 mcg EOD (1st wk jump start at 25 EOD) If I were a research rat of course.
  • 11-OXO - 375 mg ED
  • Pregnenolone - 50 mg ED

Body fat way down, waist size down 3 inchs, muscles much more full. Getting learn and hard. And now the feel good stack has me smiling and um... at attention for no reasons. AND I"M OLD!! :-)

Give me your input brothers... comments, changes, tweaks or stop???