Lower Back pain after laying down

  1. Lower Back pain after laying down

    Injured lower back after going too heavy on machine squats about a 2 years back, then injured it again last year, although the recovery time was half. Since then, I have been unable to do free barbell squats without sharp pain the following day. I have had to stick to leg presses.

    In the last few weeks, I have been experiencing similar sharp pains even without any leg work. In fact, it is most painful after a night's sleep or even laying down for a more than 30 min. and then getting up, the pain is at its worst.

    Once I'm up and about, the stiffness and pain subside somewhat. I am able to do my workout and cardio as long as I don't squat.

    Anyone know why this is and how to recover from it? I never had problems with my sleep position before.

  2. Have you ever seen a chiropractor or had any kind of treatment and or therapy when you first strained it?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PaulBlack View Post
    Have you ever seen a chiropractor or had any kind of treatment and or therapy when you first strained it?
    After I iced it down and it healed for the most part, I figured I'd just be more careful. I went to an A.R.T. doc to have my shoulder impingement treated and mentioned my lower back and he suggested it is all a lack of stability issue and to do a series of exercises. He thought it is probably the psoas muscle. I will admit I have not been on those like I should have. Don't really know what else to do.

  4. Get a second opinion maybe from a sports medicine specialist. No reason to walk around and deal with it. Sounds like it is definitely hindering you, it could even be getting worse.

  5. My recent back soreness came from a tightened gluteus minimus and medius, and my SI joint. I popped my SI joint back then I did a lacross ball mash on the trigger points (look up trigger point therapy) over my glutes. A lacrosse ball massaged on the edge of my pelvic and just above it as well. Alleviated all the pain.

    Yours might be more complex of an issue, but I don't know. I'm just sharing my own experience and how proper mobility and small fixes can actually relieve back tension.

    Agreed with T-Bone though. A sports therapist/masseuse don't cost too much and can usually teach you stuff too.
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