Back Soreness

  1. Back Soreness

    6 weeks ago I was in the gym and deadlifted 600 raw with no belt. I tweaked my lower back while pulling and it is still tender. Any suggestions? I am serious, the belt thing was on purpose, I do that every once in awhile to strengthen core, but I came up funky that day. Besides rest, which I have been VERY good about, what suggestions might y'all have. Thanks...

  2. Did your form crash and you ended up with some asymmetrical pulling?
    Do you/ do you see a chiro?
    Have you tried any kind of massage and or trigger point work?
    What have you, or are you doing to rehab it?

    I don't necessarily think a belt will stop a strain and in fact gives some guys a false sense of security to protect from an injury. I never or rarely use one for deads and believe you can never have a strong enough lower back or core. Limit squats, sometimes I do.

    I have hurt or strained my upper and lower back quite a few times over the years doing bending exercises.

  3. Yes, I noticed I ended up leaning to the right a little and the right hurts. I have done some massage work, which helps. I do my inversion table and roll quite a bit on my rumble roller including weekly yoga. Just looking for advice on some other possible things to check out. Never been to a chiropractor before.

  4. Same happend to me because of a mobility issue and heavy pulling. Ditch the foam roller. It's good for flushing the muscles out but not for targeting specific areas. This move in this picture works. Its used for "back tweaks" You'll feel/hear that clunk in your SI joint

    Also grab a baseball, rest it just above your pelvic bone, avoiding the spine and kidney area obviously, and apply pressure as you lay on your back with it, feet resting on a chair with knees 90 degrees. Find the tender tight spot and just work it a little bit

    After that and some mobility work, I had zero back pain. It actually felt like a miracle (actually just the book by Kelly Starrett)

    I went to a sports masseuse the day after and had her dig her elbows into my glut minimus/medius.

    Also check out trigger point therapy.
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