200mg test e every 3 weeks for trt

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    Compounding pharmacies are the best to ask not the big name ones......
    Correct I just called compound pharmacy and asked about a hormone doctor that has a lot of patients. I was recommended a np. Been great.

  2. Now that I am on 100mg a week I feel so much better!!!!

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    Now that I am on 100mg a week I feel so much better!!!!
    I know the feeling

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    Now that I am on 100mg a week I feel so much better!!!!
    That is great news. Now, get on some quality supplements and start seriously focusing on your macros.

    Supplements I take:
    A good multi-vitamin
    Fish Oil (I get these at Walmart)
    Vitamin D-3 (I guarantee you re deficient) 15,000 IU per day
    Magnesium (men are almost guaranteed to be deficient in Magnesium and the multivitamin I recommend only supplies 25% RDA)

    There are others but I consider these to be a "must do" Why do I say a must do? Mine (the mag and D-3) were based on lab results and my very well informed TRT Doc as well as my other docs all say Mag and D-3 are vitally important.

    Diet (what you eat) is the most important factor period. You can be perfectly balanced TRT and have a crappy diet--result--suboptimal energy, poor health, etc.
    If you are interested in a protein drink, there are many great choices. I use ON and order in 10 lb bags from Amazon, but there are excellent sources you can find here as well.

    I guess my point is to maximize the awesome opportunity you have.

  5. I do take 3 grams of wild salmon and fish oils, Jamison naturals power multi for men, plus 100mg Jamison naturals potassium for calf cramps, 25mg of zinc, and 2000iu of vitamin d3 drops. I also have a syntha 6 protein as my blended whey, and I use isoflex by almax with creatine and glutamine added to each shake. My diet right now is a paleo type with carbs added after workout. We will see how this goes



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