Backing off the T before blood work?

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    Nice to know. What about Georgia? I live in Alabama, but my doc is in georgia (stationed at Fort Benning)
    Not illegal in Georgia

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    Not illegal in Georgia
    Thanks. I am going to talk to my doc again in that case.

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    Thanks. I am going to talk to my doc again in that case.
    Yes, never settle!

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    Here's what I do, my Rx has gone up to 300mg/wk this way, and that's plenty for me at my age and for my goals: about 2 weeks before twice a year labs, I start a taper down to about 140 mg per week. I do my injections 3x per week, and skip the one before the blood is drawn so I get it a good "Trough". The doctor see's I'm at high levels but still physiological levels, prescription stays at 300mg a week, and everyone's happy. The funny look from the pharmacist is responded by me with "doc says I'm a fast metabolizer." I also get Arimidex and hCG by prescription. Took a few years to tune everything, but I'm plenty happy now.
    What is your hCG and Arimidex protocol?

  5. 300mg per week? Wow that's high for a TRT dose I don't think I have ever seen anyone on a dose that high before. The most I have seen is 250. How do you take it all in one shot or divided and do you take an AI?

  6. FYI
    I was doing some where around 700mg a month broken into weekly shots. Had blood work done 47 days after last injection. PSA came back at 1.9 which wasn't bad to men, but prompted him to stop my treatment and send me to endo. Couldn't get dr to run E2 not sure if thst contributed to psa. All other levels checked out.

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    What is your hCG and Arimidex protocol?
    500iu 2-3 times a week, .25-.5mg ed or eod as needed (per both labs and how I feel)

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    Or they want to get paid for doing the injections. Office visit + test + supplies = profit.
    If I were self injecting, the damn walmart pharmacy or whatever would be seeing the largest profit.
    They could get paid for a nurse visit, but they have to have a LPN or RN, NOT worth the money......


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