.75 vs 1cc same results?

  1. Ok to all my real juiceheads out there!! What would you do? You got 3 bottles juice that just happen to be blend off sust 300mg and tren 100mg... So 400mg a cc. Now would you roll .75 or 1??? And would you get just as good results or would that .25 make huge diff? Also have some var to throw in mix... Nolva on hand and plan on p5p for the tren to run through from start... Nolva may be just used on end pending no titty sides from tests... Along with clomid

  2. Yes .25cc will do more.... It's more mg per wk. If you do .25cc 3-4x wk that 1more cc in that wk. Is this for you or what?

  3. So... Are you running prop only cycle or adding in tren and all that other $#|t? You have 2 thread askin about 2different cycles...

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