Sharing my experience of first Cycle

  1. Sharing my experience of first Cycle

    I am starting slow at 250ML of test e. I know there is debate on if that's a good amount to start etc. Anyway I'm 39 and in by the 6th week I gained 15 pounds of water weight. I had my blood pressure taken and it was way out of whack. It 150/100. Normally 120/80. So I stopped. Also would crash two days after the injection.

    After the research I have done, I have realized that the estrogen was the problem. I have some Liquidex on it's way and I'm going to start back up again. Hopeully the liquidex will eliminate the sides.

    Any thoughts?

    I'm was a pretty lean 6,4 215. When I started. Went to 235 By week 6. )

  2. Do you have the proper cycle supps? cycle assist? and so on? are you going to run a PCT?! I hope so.

  3. x2

    so u shot up then did research?

    no offense.. but i have been researching various compounds/cycles/protocols off & on for YEARS & still have not put a needle in my skin (i joined here to further this research & finally take the plunge this fall - why this fall? - because i want to have EVERYTHING in my possession before the 1st injection).. why would you willy nilly just shoot something as serious as AAS w/out knowing as much as you could before hand?

    thoughts? put all of your gear in a safe place, get your natural state back to natural & spend several hours researching what each compound does, what you will need other than or instead of test/liquidex, getting EVERYTHING right before you try again (as bigguyn pointed out). Ask yourself what is the purpose of your cycle then research what you need, when, & why.

    what are your goals?

    post your plan before you start again & ask for a critique. be prepared to answer why you are planning on doing what you are posting.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jlb153
    After the research I have done, I have realized that the estrogen was the problem.

    research comes before the needle

  5. ^^ I 2nd this

  6. Same. I researched like a motherf***r and that was just for a test booster! I'm a mountain of reading away from breaking skin.

    If you're set on this then read your ass off bro..... If you don't wanna be a sterile, limp noodled bald guy with a great rack that is

  7. Thats a great point.

  8. I think you guys make some great points. And I appreciate you taking the time to chime in. I actually did do alot of research. I was in and out of the various forums looking for what the best starter cycle would be for me. I had a person on the ground that had some experience with AAS. My sister is a Nurse and is admin the pins. Also checking in, on any issues. Blood Pressure etc.

    What I gathered is that the best starter cycle would be a total 400 mg of Test E. ( Two times a week ) 12 Weeks I aslo understand that the Ethanate is Just Ester that keeps the T in your system for a certain period of time. With an inhibitor on hand in case of any Side Effects that could arise. Then PCT for 4 to 6 Weeks. Even got a protocol from a TRT Dr.

    If my orginal post came off Willy Nilly I apologize. I also had my blood work done before hand, to see how much free test I was producing. So I actually have done quite a bit of research and tempered the dosage down to 250 to see how my body would react. Knowing how much free test I currently have.

    I also have been working out for three years prior. So i'm not new to the gym. I understand that from the ethante ester you run the risk of water retention, Gyno, etc. 15 pounds of water retention from 250 mg a week is not common. What I didnt expect was- The fatigue, and the lingering pain from the injections. So I am learning as I go. If I dont do well with ethante is there any other ester that is recommended?

  9. THe first time you will get some pain from injections is normal. It will go away in time.
    Not all that 15lbs is water you did put on some muscle. But some ppl are super sensitive to estrogen in other words your conversion is high. Start taking an AI like arimidex or aromasin. Add a water pill if you feel too bloated. Blood pressure stems from water retension. As you get rid of some water BP will come down.
    Yes some ppl get fatigue as well....From my personal experience diet could play a roll in that, although now I dont get that anymore.
    Well there are other compounds but they all have their own issues. Stick with test maybe cypionate.
    BTW smart move lowering dosage to 250. For a beginner I wouldnt recomend more that 250 a week. Ppl who take more they do not know what they are doing. More is not better.
    Welcome to the dark side


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