Bloods - Hey, what is going on here?

  1. Bloods - Hey, what is going on here?

    Sorry I have been away from the forums. Just got back last week from a month doing scientific research in the Arctic - froze my ass off ... LOL.

    Anyway ... last week - for the first time every - I called up LabCorp to do some bloods. I was curious, mostly - but I was also wondering about "Low T" since I get tired quite a bit more easiliy than my younger days. Libido is, as always - fire hot. Mrs. Honda has to "give" me my opinions on a variety of topics ranging from politics to household finances because my tiny brain will only process sexual thoughts. Seriously - I can look at a Coke Machine and somehow make an arousing thought with that - but I digress.

    Okay - here's my background. I am 49 years old. I have never used anything stronger than Epistane and, even then - only pulsed. Even with that - I only started in January and ran like, two - one month pulsed cycles - which, for me - a one month cycle is only 12 doses of Epi - and none more than 40mg. I haven't taken Epi in more than eight weeks though.

    I have taken test boosters - different ones, off and on - I think they lose their effectiveness after a few weeks and you need to switch to something else. However, after looking at these bloods - I may quit wasting my money on them. When I took these bloods - I had been "off" DAA for about two weeks (I had been "on" it for about two months). DAA, some Lean Extreme -- that's all I took for the four weeks in the Arctic.

    Three days before I got these bloods - I started taking POWERFUL ... I didn't figure it had time to kick in before the bloods though.
    This is why I elected to go get the bloods last week - because I figured my system had pretty much returned to "baseline" what it should be naturally ...

    AND - I lost a lot of weight in the Arctic - down to 208 lbs. There were no weights to lift - just a treadmill and I got real shredded - but also lost some muscle. I'm putting that back on (naturally so far) and I'm back up to 212 lbs.

    Okay the bloods ... check this **** out ... I'm 49 years old ...

    Glucose, Serum - 104 mg/dl (high) - (normal range 65-99) - I'm listing this one because it was "high" - what it is? I don't even know.

    Cholesterol, Total - 185 mg/dl - (nromal range 100-199)
    Triglycerides - 86 mg/dl - (normal range 0-149)
    HDL - 46 mg/dl - (normal range > 39)
    LDL - 122 mg/dl - HIGH (normal range 0-99)

    Testosterone, Serum - 951 ng/dl - HIGH - (normal range 249 - 836)
    Testosterone, Free - 30.53 ng/dl - HIGH - (normal range 5.00 - 21.00)
    % Free Testosterone - 3.21 % - (normal range 1.50 - 4.20)

    Prostate-Specific Ag, Serum - 0.8 ng/ml - (normal range 0.0 - 4.0)

    IGF-1 - 112 ng/ml - (normal range 94 - 252)

    Estradiol, Sensitive - 28 - (normal range 3 - 70)
    These Testosterone levels don't seem right. My total test is over 100 points above the norm. Free test is almost 10 points higher than norm. I'm an old man (almost 50). So now this has me a bit fearful that something else might be going on here and the ceiling will come crashing in down the road. This is why I've never liked "numbers" - I should not have gotten these bloods because now they will cause me anxiety or something.

    (or maybe the levels are correct and this is the reason my mind only processes sex 24/7/365?)

    I have four pages of bloodwork - so I didn't list everything - just the pertenent stuff. All the other stuff was in normal range.

    Anyone know what is going on here?

  2. other than the bad... the test levels are nice!!!!
    Log of EPIC by FRL -

  3. Quote Originally Posted by StangBanger View Post
    other than the bad... the test levels are nice!!!!
    I read elsewhere on this site that high test levels could also be the result of something out of "whack" elsewhere. I mean - it can't be an extremely positive thing because they DO put a high limit on it. Otherwise it would just say ">" or something.

  4. Firstly I hate you!

    Now that I have that off my chest I recall my Dr telling me that my low test was/might be related to my low cholesterol ... I think cholesterol is a necessary ingredient in the hormone cascade. Clearly you have high cholesterol and high test I think they are related.

    Now I am no expert but my other thought is that the DAA did work and you were still in the process of returning to your probably very optimal natural levels? I too doubt 3 days of powerful could do that ... but hey you could get sponsorship if it did.
    Other thoughts is your diet is probably nearing perfect at the base, no or little alcohol available, plenty of rest plus a good cardio regime all adds up to optimal health ...

    Oh and I don't really hate you I'm just jealous although the cholesterol might need to be monitored and with the prostate level you probably should get an inspection ... not so jealous now.

  5. I'm gonna test it all again in a few months to see if it's an anamoly. I'm also looking for my military med records ... could've swore it probably had a test level from some bloodwork I did in Bahrain in 2005.

    Well - I really have no problems putting on muscle at my age very easily and, I have always been able to do it. That - and I seriously can't move my mind away from sex for more than a split second. I would say 90% of the women I see I think bad thoughts about them - regardless of how they look! Maybe it's not a fluke. I don't feel aggressive anywhere but the gym though and I don't get into fights and I've never been in prison or arrested.

    Cholesterol - I made a "life choice" never to bother with worrying about it. I think the whole Cholesterol thing is bunk science. It used to be ... anything over "200" (total) and you're at risk - then they came out with the LDL limit ... which is much lower. I don't think they know what they are talking about. It's like the "Five servings of veggies everyday" thing. After they did a study - and found that "five servings" really doesn't improve health - LOL - they "upped" the recommended servings to EIGHT. Give me a break ... are we rabbits or something?
    I do a lot of high intensity cardio - if I still die from cholesterol blockage - oh well - I was wrong about the science. I don't advocate anyone follow in my footsteps - but for me, I'm not worrying about it.

    You're right - I don't do alcohol. I don't eat processed foods. I live off steak (usually ribeye grilled on the BBQ) and chicken (cooked same way). Other than that - at least nine eggs go down the pipe everyday.

  6. Your cholesterol is close to perfect. Don't ever worry about it, worry if triglycerides go up

  7. I think I would just be thankful for the test levels of an 18 year old. From my understanding, too high is well into the thousands (1500+?) so just enjjoy it. Maybe I should try an ice bath to boost low T. Good+ T levels are linked to health and longevity (good, not super-human). This could be a GOOD sign that you'll be around awhile...


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