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    Stack help

    I am 37 5'9 166lbs body fat around 19-20%.I am looking for some advise on my stack and what I should add or take out any help would be great.

    Diet-The life style cut diet.
    Workout program-Dorian Yates 6 week blood and guts.
    Supplements-on whey protein,fish oil,oxeylite pro,prime,con-cret,powerful,glycobol,gluta-lyn 1500,cla,yok3d,supercissus. I was thinking about adding primaforce daa and animal stak. I am looking to cut down the body fat and keep some muscle,thickness.

    Thank you for you time and information.

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    Check out some App Nut products. I just converted after many years and they are awesome. Their Lit Up has DAA with some apparent needed ingredients for proper utilization of the DAA. Maybe check out, RPM, Drive, IGF2, or HGHup. I am on day 4 of IGF2 and RPM and I am just floored by the gains.

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