WATCH: Genetic Experiment Larry Wheels Lifts An Insane 620 Lbs At Bradley Martyn Gym Opening


Larry Wheels is the ultimate powerbuilder.


We all know there’s a difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting. Nevertheless, it’s hard for fans of either endeavor to deny that there is merit in each practice. Looking the part of an absolute beast is certainly awesome. Being stronger than anyone else in the room is awesome. When you combine the two you end up with a powerbuilder. One such example is Larry Wheels.


While he may have never stepped onto an IFBB stage, Larry Wheels has garnered a great deal of attention from the bodybuilding community for his impressive physique. But not only does Larry Wheels look like a super soldier, he performs like one too.


At the opening of Bradley Martyn’s new gym Zoo Culture, Larry Wheels once again proved why he’s one of the best powerbuilders out there. Take a look at the video where Stan “The Rhino” Efferding also makes an appearance.



What do you think of the powerbuilder Larry Wheels and his impressive display of strength?


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